Diagnostic & Consulting Services

Predict your operation costs while optimizing your maintenance expenditure without compromising your plant availability. We have the competence to create a tailored maintenance concept based on your needs. The monitoring of success using relevant key performance indicators show you where you stand.

Inspection & Analysis

Inspection and analysis provides you with the confidence of knowing the condition of your equipment. Maintenance and overhauls reduce the risk of failure and additional costs and knowing the condition of your equipment provides an opportunity for modifications to reach optimized performance levels. 


If Electro-Mechanical equipment are critical to your operations, you look for specific qualities when selecting external service support. Diagnostics, maintenance and technical optimization are part of our core competence.

Your partner for performance

We are your business partner for responsive and reliable service solutions. If rotating equipment are critical to your operations, you look for specific qualities when selecting external service support: 

  • A service partner you can trust
  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Innovative solutions

Our service professionals deliver these qualities and much more to customers from all industry sectors around the world. With services ranging from spare parts to troubleshooting, we can maintain your rotating equipment and help improve your processes. Reliability depends on the longevity of replacement parts and the quality of repair of damaged or worn equipment. You can count on our expertise and commitment to deliver what you need and to do the job right first time.

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On-Site & Remote Monitoring

On-site and remote monitoring gives users the information required to manage their equipment and make decisions on recommended modifications to ensure their equipment operates at peak performance for the given service conditions. 

Operation & Maintenance Training

Operation and maintenance training gives you a thorough understanding of your equipment and the systems they operate in. Trained staff with the requisite skills will improve safety and standardized work practices, while reducing your maintenance costs over the lifetime of the equipment. 

Maintenance & Support Services

Our Service Center and Parts Processing Center network is located at the doorstep of your operations. We provide you with field service, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and third-party parts as well as repair services during the entire product life cycle. 

Repair & Overhaul Services

Repair services provide our customers with the assurance that when their piece of equipment is returned to operation they receive the maximum value from the repair process. No matter how complex the equipment, regardless of OEM, you can be confident your machine will perform as expected. 

Reverse Engineering

Re-engineering provides customers with an alternative for sourcing parts for their equipment. Whether looking to upgrade components, quicker deliveries, or replacing parts, re-engineering provides an opportunity to ensure your equipment keeps running at peak performance.